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Revised Superintendent Interview Dates

Hawthorn District 73 has revised its schedule of closed session dates for interviewing and discussing superintendent candidates.  Here is the updated schedule.

Smoke Trailer

Smoke Trailer Has Winter Home at District 73

Lake County has a smoke trailer that is used for training kids about the dangers of fire. Each year, the trailer plays a key role in demonstrations at schools throughout the county, including Hawthorn District 73 schools. This year, Hawthorn District 73 cleaned out an area that allows enough space for this great training resource to be safely stored indoors during the winter months. The goal is to increase the longevity of this resource. The District’s goal in providing the space is to assist many students in the future and allow them the ability to participate in a valuable, and potentially life saving, learning opportunity.
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Opting In to Receive Text Messages

It’s that time of year when inclement weather can close schools. Hawthorn District 73 notifies families of closings, safety alerts and other events through phone, email and (to some degree) text messages using the SchoolMessenger system.

So that all parents who wish to receive text messages can do so, this Friday Hawthorn will send an opt-in text message to parents’ cell phone numbers that have not already opted in or out of this service. To accept the invitation and opt in to receive text messages, you will be instructed to reply “Y” to confirm. If you choose not to opt in you may disregard the invitation, and you will not receive future text messages from the District.

There is no charge for this initial text message, however message/data rates may apply for subsequent messages sent by the District.

If you do not receive an invitation but wish to receive text messages, first contact your student’s school to verify that they have the correct cell phone number on file. You can then manually opt in by texting “Y” to 67587. If you wish to opt out at a later date, you may do so by texting “STOP” to 67587.

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Revised Superintendent Interview Closed Session Dates

Hawthorn District 73 has scheduled a series of school board closed session dates to interview superintendent candidates. Here is the updated schedule.

Students Performing

Eighth-Grade Orchestra Students: Bravo!

Congratulations to Middle School North and Middle School South eighth-grade orchestra students on an outstanding performance at the Vernon Hills High School Orchestra Festival last Thursday.


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Highlights of the November 26, 2018 Board of Education Meeting

Presentation on the Annual Financial Report

Kevin Smith, a certified public accountant with Eder Casella, gave the results of the audit on the 2017-2018 Annual Financial Report.

President’s Report
Board President Sonali Patil gave a brief overview of the 2018 IASB Joint Annual Conference (Triple I) in Chicago. This was the 86th meeting of the Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators and Illinois Association of School Business Officials.  The District’s board members, superintendents and several administrators and staff attended the event, which took place on November 16, 17 and 18. Ms. Patil said that District representatives attended different sessions and shared information with each other. She spoke about the benefits of attending the conference. It is the only time that district representatives have an opportunity to learn what other districts are doing across Illinois.

Ms. Patil also thanked Julie Simpson for her two years of service on District 73’s Board of Education. Ms. Simpson will resign in early December when she officially becomes the County Board member for District 18. Ms. Simpson thanked everyone and said she learned a lot while serving on the board.

Please note that due to a power outage, it was not possible to videotape this meeting.

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Hawthorn Students Win Plenty of Prizes in Library Bookmark Contest

Each year the Cook Memorial Public Library District holds a contest that enables students to show just how creative they are. Participants create bookmarks that are inspired by their favorite books or characters. The contest is open to all schools in the library district. This year, about 800 bookmark designs were submitted from approximately 20 schools, including Hawthorn schools. Approximately 20 Hawthorn students won prizes. Here they are:

  • Kindergarten, Honorable Mention: Nadine B., Elementary North
  • First Grade, Second Place: Atharv C., Townline Elementary
  • First Grade, Honorable Mention: Abhay G., Elementary North
  • First Grade, Honorable Mention: Olivia M., Elementary North
  • Second Grade, First Place: Adiraj D., Townline Elementary
  • Second Grade, Second Place: Rhea D., Elementary North
  • Second Grade, Third Place: Daiwik N., Elementary South
  • Third Grade, Second Place: Manasvi P., Elementary South
  • Third Grade, Third Place: Parth V., Elementary South
  • Fourth Grade, Second Place: Nitya A., Elementary South
  • Fifth Grade, Second Place: Shreyan S., Elementary South
  • Fifth Grade, Honorable Mention: Reina H., Elementary South
  • Fifth Grade, Honorable Mention: Jessica X., Townline Elementary
  • Sixth Grade, Second Place: Joy N., Middle School South
  • Sixth Grade, Third Place: Kristin L.,Middle School North
  • Seventh Grade, First Place Tie: Mathew L., Middle School North
  • Seventh Grade, First Place Tie: Cara L., Middle School North
  • Seventh Grade, Third Place: Grace T., Middle School North
  • Eighth Grade, First Place: Jill L., Middle School South
  • Eighth Grade, Third Place: Jacklyn P., Middle School North

All the Hawthorn entries will be on display at Aspen Drive Library in December. They will also be available on the library’s website. Congratulations students!

El Grupo Folklórico Mexico

Dance Troupe Provides a Taste of Mexico

Come and enjoy a night of folkloric dance and Mexican culture. “El Grupo Folklorico Mexico” will perform at the School of Dual Language/Townline Elementary, 810 N. Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills, on Friday, November 30 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The event, hosted by the Hawthorn School of Dual Language, is free and open to the community.

Students performing

Students Shine at Orchestra Festival

Middle School North and South seventh-grade students did a fine job performing with Vernon Hills High School students on Tuesday at the Orchestra Festival. The guest conductor was Deborah Peot, Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of Music Education at Elmhurst College.  Congratulations students on an excellent performance!

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All District Schools and Facilities Are Open Today, Nov. 27

Power and heat have been restored to all District 73 schools and facilities. Therefore, all schools are open today, Nov. 27.