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You are invited to a very special Board meeting on Wednesday, October 19 to receive important information about our proposed Educational Facility Master Plan (EFMP). As you may know, the district is continuing to experience growth and this EFMP will provide a long-term solution for both our urgent facility needs now as well as planning for continued growth and academic excellence into the future.

The Board hired DLR Group in March to evaluate our current facility conditions and to facilitate a Core Team made up of community members, staff, administrators and facility leadership to discuss and create solutions that address our needs. This presentation and conversation will be your first opportunity to give feedback to the Core Team on their recommended EFMP solution prior to Board consideration later this fall.

Please make arrangements to attend this very important presentation and conversation at Townline Elementary on October 19 at 7:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there.

Background Information

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School Board

The Next Regular Session of the Board of Education is October 23

The D73 Board of Education will meet at 7 p.m. on Monday, October 23. Please click here for the agenda.


Snowflake Encourages Students to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

This year’s Snowflake event at Middle School South was a great success thanks to the help of 55 adult facilitators, 40 Vernon Hills and Libertyville high school students, 400 parents, and many volunteers. More than 370 seventh and eighth grade students from Middle School South, Middle School North and Oak Grove School attended this annual event, which encourages adolescents to make good choices and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The event was broken up into large group sessions, in which the students watched performances and presentations, and small group sessions, in which they engaged in activities led by high school students and adults. This year, Bizar Entertainment provided a musical production that conveyed positive and inspirational messages. During another large group session, motivational speaker Brad Hutig spoke about the challenges he faced when he lost both of his hands in a work-related accident. He had been a three-sport athlete and was eventually able to return to the football team. He told students that they could do things if they really wanted to do them, and encouraged them to find their way.

Toward the end of the evening, the parents attended a presentation from defense attorney Elliot Pinsel, while the students joined a dance. Mr. Pinsel reminded parents that they are accountable for underage drinking in their homes, he encouraged them to talk with their children and know what they are doing in order to prevent law suits and other negative consequences.

At about 10 p.m., students and parents were all smiles as they celebrated the close of another positive Snowflake experience.

Plenty of Team Spirt at “Hustle” Despite Cancellation

Despite the last minute cancellation of the PTO’s 2017 Hawthorn Hustle due to bad weather, there was still plenty of team spirt and goodwill in Century Park on Saturday morning. All those who came enjoyed music, refreshments and a raffle. Among the crowd was Elementary South’s SOAR team. Many thanks to the Hawthorn PTO volunteers for all the work they put into this event, which raised funds for Hawthorn’s schools.




Principals Week Proclamation

Bruce Rauner, Governor of the State of Illinois, has proclaimed the week of October 15 -21, 2017 as Principals Week and Friday, October 20, 2017 as Principals Day in Illinois. These dates recognize principals, assistant principals and the Illinois Principals Association for all they do to help our children learn and succeed.


School Board

Highlights of the October 9 Board of Education Meeting

The October 9 Board of Education meeting featured a presentation on the design concept for the kindergarten school at the Sullivan Center. Elementary South Principal Dr. Jill Martin and kindergarten teachers talked about the history of Hawthorn’s growth and reviewed the input teachers provided for the design of the new school.

DLR Group Principal Jason Lembke said he followed the teachers’ recommendations, incorporating collaboration, innovation, spaces for students to be social, and flexibility into the building’s design. He mentioned that design team members had toured the Barrington Early Learning Center, Washington School in Mundelein, and the Ann Reid Early Childhood Center in Naperville to look at a variety of design options.

Lembke said that after looking at different design possibilities, the team selected a concept called “The Flower” as the best choice for Hawthorn. The flower scheme is comprised of “petals” featuring classrooms with operable partitions that provide extensive flexibility. The interior of each petal includes four classrooms, a Maker space (that could also serve as an additional classroom), two small group spaces and a dedicated pull-out space for things such as special education.

Two petals are proposed for the first floor of the new facility, which will be located on the northeast side of the Sullivan Center. That floor will also include a multi-purpose room (cafeteria), art studio, an administrative area, that also will serve as a storm shelter, and a sensory room with external access. The second floor will feature two petals, an active play space, and a staff collaboration space.

Thomas McGrath with LAMP Incorporated discussed the budget. The cost of the project is projected at $12,121,289, with a road site allowance of $150,000. He said the project could go out to bid as early as next March and construction could start as early as June.

Superintendent Nick Brown discussed the approval process. He said that a presentation would be made to the Park District on October 10.  The Park District, the Village and Regional Office of Education will all need to approve the project. Permits will need to be obtained from the County.  Wetland credits also need to be purchased. The formal recommendation for schematic design approval will be made at the October 23 meeting.

Mr. Brown also provided an update on student placement for the Cuneo Farms development. Regarding which schools the children from this new subdivision will attend, he recommended Elementary North and Middle School North as best suited to accommodate this new population. Final action will be made at the next board meeting.

Due to time constraints, a discussion on public comments collected in the survey about the Educational Facilities Master Plan was tabled until the next meeting.

In her president’s report, Sonali Patil mentioned that October is National Principals Month.  She thanked Hawthorn’s principals for all the work they do.


Raise A Reader Event Canceled

Please note that the Raise a Reader event scheduled for October 12 at 6 p.m. at Hawthorn Elementary North has been canceled.

Don't Miss the Deadline

School Exclusion Deadline is October 16

For parents of kindergarten and sixth-grade students as well as students who are new to Hawthorn: If you haven’t turned in your child’s physical and/or immunizations records, your child will be excluded from school beginning Monday, October 16. Once evidence of having the required immunizations can be provided, children will be allowed to return to school.

Teacher Institute Day

Teachers Are Learners on Teacher Institute Day

While students took a day off on Teacher Institute Day (Oct. 6), teachers took time out of their regular routines to focus on learning. They spent the day exchanging ideas and learning new techniques to help ensure that every Hawthorn student has the best experience in our schools.


Hawthorn Students Earn Prestigious Academic Honor at Northwestern University

Anirudh Adiraju (an eighth-grade student at Middle School South), Jingjing Wang (an eighth-grade student at Middle School South), Charles Collier (a sixth-grade student at Middle School South), Phyllis Wang (a graduate of Middle School South) and Samuel Shlau (a sixth-grade student at Middle School North) were honored by Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development (CTD) at its annual award ceremony on September 9, 2017. They were honored in celebration of their achievement in Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS), which they participated in by taking the ACT, PSAT 8/9, or SAT test in January of 2017.

Only 2 to 3 percent of more than 12,000 students nationwide, who participate in the program each year, qualify for this selective ceremony. Remarkably, top-scoring NUMATS students in middle school score as well as top-scoring high school seniors nationally. In addition to being in the top 2-3 percent, Anirudh Adiraju placed third overall for his grade level in reading on the ACT.

NUMATS provides high-achieving students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge by taking assessments designed for older students. NUMATS students in grades 6 through 9 took the SAT® or ACT® test, which most students take as high school seniors for college admission.

“By using the higher-level tests, NUMATS helps students, parents, and educators better understand the students’ academic ability and plan accordingly,” said CTD Associate Director Susan Corwith, who oversees the NUMATS program.

“The achievement tests students usually take in school focus only on grade-level content,” she said. “So, advanced students will often ‘hit the ceiling’ of the tests. When that happens, schools and families know their students are doing well compared to other students their age, but they cannot tell whether the student is a little ahead or exceptionally advanced in some area, in which he or she will require tailored programming to reach full potential.”

For NUMATS, identifying academic talents is one goal, and recognizing academic achievement is another. Top performers are invited to the annual Award Ceremony at Northwestern. Award winners received certificates, medals, and/or scholarships for CTD summer, weekend enrichment, and online programs, as recognition of their top performance.

The Center for Talent Development is a part of Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy.