Fertilizer and Weed Control Application

Dear Hawthorn Family:

This letter is to inform you that a Hawthorn contractor is scheduled to apply a winter lawn treatment (fertilizer) to our district lawns on November 19, 2016. Areas will be posted, and people are encouraged to stay off of the areas for two hours after the application.

Hawthorn takes great care to ensure that we maintain the safest environment possible for our students and the entire community. Projects such as fertilizer application are scheduled during times when students are not present and school is not in session. Whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly “green” products.


Realistik Manken

Realistik Manken

Notification: fertilizer and weed control application

Hawthorn contractors will apply fertilizer and weed control to district lawns on October 18th. For more information, please view the October fertilizer notification   . If you would like to receive direct notification of such applications, please send your name and mailing address to