science class

Exploring Energy Transfers

Seventh grade science classes are having fun exploring different types of energy transfers. They especially enjoyed having their fortunes read by the fortune teller fish.

Hawthorn Elementary Principals Read at Library

Hawthorn elementary principals are looking forward to reading to children at Aspen Library, 701 Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills. On an annual basis they help inspire a love for books by reading favorite stories. Each is reading on a specific day. Check out the schedule.

Back to School Bash

All Smiles at Elementary North Back to School Bash

Parents and students had a blast at Friday’s combined Back to School Bash and Curriculum Night at Elementary North. Parents attended classroom presentations and then joined their children outside for a party with music and the local library’s bookmobile. Teachers joined in the fun as well.

Math Team Announcement

The Middle School South Math Team announces the success of one of its students, Spandan Goel, at the International Math League Summer Tournament.  He achieved one of the three Gold Level awards presented for grades five through seven. The competition was held at the College of New Jersey last July.  A total of 174 students, in grades five through nine, lived in dormitories while attending the five days of instruction and competition. Congratulations to Spandan for his hard work and dedication to the pursuit of mathematics. The District is proud of his effort and achievement.


Connect With Hawthorn

There are many ways you can stay connected with Hawthorn District 73,  including through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and newsletters. Use these communications tools to get a full picture of what is happening at the District.


Lincoln School

Opening Day at Lincoln School

Approximately 150 Hawthorn students started school Wednesday at Lincoln Early Learning Center in Mundelein. Hawthorn Superintendent Nick Brown and numerous administrators were there to welcome the children.

The center, which serves children between the ages of 3 and 5, was formed several years ago through an intergovernmental agreement between Hawthorn School District 73, Fremont School District 79 and Mundelein School District 75. The collaborative effort allows the three districts to share resources and professional development opportunities to enhance learning for students. 

A Teacher Learns Plenty on Volunteer Trip to Uganda

If you ask Elementary North kindergarten teacher Megan Wolf what she did last summer, you may be surprised. While many of us were relaxing and enjoying time with our families, she traveled to a remote corner of Uganda to volunteer at an orphanage.

What motivated her to travel thousands of miles to a remote area? She watched a documentary on Netflix on volunteers who served in Guatemala while living on $1.00 a day. She realized that this was something she had wanted to do since she was a little girl. She used the website provided in the show to connect with The Real Uganda, an agency that offered volunteer opportunities.  Soon afterwards, she was on her way to spend two weeks at Grace Day Care and Orphanage School in Uganda.

At the orphanage, she worked with children between the ages of 3 and 7, teaching English and helping with daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning. She sees her main job as playing and connecting with the children. “The children wanted to spend as much time with me as possible,” she said. “I would spend afternoons playing with them. They loved looking at pictures and were fascinated by life in America. For me, it felt like home.”

While Miss Wolf loved her experiences, she braved some tough conditions. For instance, instead of modern day toilets, the community used pit latrines. There was no running water. Rain water, which was collected in a huge basin, was used for drinking, cooking, showering and cleaning. At one point, the basin ran out of water and people had to use a nearby pond for all their water needs. As a non-governmental organization in a developing world country, the orphanage functioned with few resources. It had only just received electricity two months prior to Miss Wolf’s arrival.

But while the children had so little to speak of, they were creative and resourceful. Miss Wolf said she was amazed at how they easily turned scraps and leftover items into toys. “I recognized, even more, how much kids truly learn through playing and that made me further realize how important play is in the classroom,” she said. “I already let my kids learn through playing quite a lot.”

The experience was life-changing for Miss Wolf. “It reaffirmed my belief that we cannot take things for granted or be wasteful,” she said.  “We should be grateful and appreciative that we have these opportunities here in the U.S., but we also need to use that to educate and help others in sustainable ways.”

Megan Wolf




Library Recognizes Two Hawthorn Schools

The Cook Memorial Public Library District recently announced the winners of the 2017 Super Summer Reading Trophies. For the second year in a row, Elementary School South won the south division with 45.5% of its students signing up for the library’s summer reading program. Additionally, the library called out the School of Dual Language for showing the most improvement over last year’s statistics. The school increased its participation by 8%. The library congratulated the schools for their achievements.

school board meeting

Regular Session of the Board of Education-August 28

The D73 Board of Education will meet at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 28. Please click here for the agenda.

children in classroom

Elementary Students Settle Into Their Classrooms and Routines

Hawthorn elementary students settled into their classrooms and routines as teachers welcomed them back for their first day in school.