Board Considers 1:1 Environment

About seven out of over 35 Lake County school districts do not offer their students their own personalized electronic devices. Hawthorn District 73 is among the few in Lake County that fall into that number, but the Board of Education is considering moving to a 1:1 program within the district.

At a recent meeting, the Board of Education received a presentation from Superintendent Nick Brown on personalized learning in a 1:1 environment. Hawthorn 73 has been investing in upgrading the technology infrastructure in the district as well as purchasing new devices for students and teachers. This has all been to support the appropriate integration of technology into the learning experiences of students.

After a careful study of the need to offer students their own devices, the Hawthorn Technology Planning Committee believes going 1:1 will only enhance personalized learning districtwide. The presentation provided to the Board of Education shared the “Why” a 1:1 program enhances the learning experiences for students.

The Board of Education listened to a presentation titled “Personalized Learning:  Why we should consider a 1:1 program?” and after Board consensus, the Technology Committee was instructed to delve into the “How” to accomplish a 1:1 program at the middle school level.

The committee will work to answer many questions on how to accomplish such a task.

Because there are many surrounding districts that have already moved to a 1:1 environment, the committee believes it can learn how other districts worked through many of the same questions Hawthorn District 73 has about the potential project.

“Research shows technology helps improve student engagement through personalized learning. These devices will only serve to prepare our students for the world in which they live,” said Superintendent Brown.

Mr. Brown also pointed out that 1:1 devices compliment the district’s recently adopted strategic plan, which states the district will provide motivating and engaging learning opportunities that inspire joyful learners. The strategic plan also states that the district believes in students becoming self-directed, responsible learners. Personalized devices will support the efforts for students’ to develop these needed attributes.