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Hawthorn Recognition

Hawthorn Recognition Program Guidelines

One of the goals of the Board of Education is to recognize the accomplishments of those who play a significant role in advancing Hawthorn’s tradition of excellence. This includes teachers, staff, students and community members. To meet this goal, the Board is launching a recognition program. The program will recognize teachers, staff members, students or community members who are doing great things for Hawthorn schools during monthly board meetings.

Anyone can nominate an individual to receive this award. Those interested will fill out a nomination form (the form is located in the column to the right). The District 73 Recognition Committee will review each submission to determine which individuals the Board of Education should recognize.

Nomination Criteria for Recognition Program

The individual nominated should possess the following attributes:

  • Demonstrates outstanding dedication, service and commitment.

  • Has excelled in the performance of his/her duties and inspired excellence in others.
  • For teachers, this means demonstrating creativity and imagination in lesson plans and teaching methods that inspire students to learn and advance past their expectations. The program also seeks to recognize teachers who have embraced the PLC principles and those who have achieved high levels of learning for all students.
  • For staff, this means demonstrating creativity and imagination in carrying out job duties in such a way that they motivate and inspire others in the school community. It also means demonstrating innovative practices or processes that lead to evidence-based improvements.
  • For students, this means demonstrating improved academic standing, a love of learning, or exemplary attitude and behavior. The program also seeks to recognize the accomplishments of students who have excelled in competitions and have been recognized for high academic achievement.
  • For community members, this means making significant contributions to Hawthorn through their time, actions, talents and dedication and/or leveraging outside resources to support the District.
  • Overall, the person should go above and beyond to make a difference for Hawthorn’s students, staff, culture and environment.


  • Students will receive a certificate and medal.

  • Staff/teachers/community members will receive a brick inscribed with: “Big Things Are Built One Brick at a Time” and a thank you note from the Board.

The awardees will receive personalized notes from the Board of Education, recognition at the next regular scheduled Board of Education meeting, a photo and write-up on the District’s website and a mention in the Hawthorn Highlights newsletter.

This awards program was created with the hope that it will create meaningful moments of recognition that will inspire others. It offers ongoing opportunities to reward those who make significant contributions toward the excellence of our schools.

Hawthorn Recognition Nomination Form


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