BOE Approves Strategic Plan

The Hawthorn School District 73 Board of Education approved a five year Strategic Plan.

The plan outlines strategies or actions that will most likely improve performance and lead to long-term goal attainment. The Board approved seven high-level change strategies:

  1. Implementing a communications plan.
  2. Implementing a plan that identifies the facilities and resources required to provide an equitable distribution of those resources across the district.
  3. Implement a District Leadership Team to monitor and support the implementation of the Strategic Plan. Provide support for multilingual opportunities and world language appreciation.
  4. Provide support for multilingual opportunities and world language appreciation through the implementation of K-8 programs.
  5. Focus professional development resources toward Professional Learning Community and curriculum training/implementation.
  6. Identify and implement common commitments and set expectations to ensure equitable access to high quality programs for all district students.
  7. Expand early intervention opportunities such as full day kindergarten.

The Board has already directed a Reorganization Committee, consisting of parents, staff and community members, to begin studying Actions 2, 6 and 7. Read more about the work of the reorganization committee here.

Strategic Plan Document En Espanol