Co-teaching Brings More Inclusion to the Classroom

The benefits of co-teaching can clearly be seen in the sixth grade language arts class taught by Ms. Corush and Ms. Byrne at Middle School South. While one is presenting, the other is moving about the room answering questions and checking in with students. As the students went through a lesson using their new Chromebooks, the teachers made sure that each student understood the directions and no one was left behind. At other times, the two were jointly teaching together, interacting with each other and the students within the curriculum while modeling and providing background knowledge.

“Co-teaching is a powerful tool and strategy,” said Ms. Corush. “With two of us teaching, one can focus on the curriculum while the other focuses on each individual student.”

Co-teaching is an all inclusive approach to teaching in which students, including those with special needs, are taught in the same classroom. There are more opportunities for specialized instruction, small group and one-to-one learning, and increased opportunities to differentiate to meet student needs.

“One of the benefits is that students are exposed to the teaching styles of both teachers. This approach increases the opportunity to differentiate for all students’ needs,” said Ms. Byrne. “The teachers bring their different styles and expertise together to meet all students’ needs.”