Report Cards


Hawthorn families receive a variety of feedback on their students’ achievement, including Trimester Report Cards, Midterm Progress Reports and more. Please consult the following links for more information:

Effective Report Cards Should Align with Student Efforts

The purpose of report cards at Hawthorn, is to communicate student progress to parents on the curriculum and learning standards students are working to learn. That way, the report that parents receive at “the end” of the learning process matches up with what your students were actually doing during the reporting period. The result is a more effective tool for both parents and teachers.

Measure Students Against the Standards

Instead of against each other

Aligning report cards with curriculum standards is also beneficial in that by design, it allows teachers to measure achievement with regard to the standards, rather than simply ranking students and measuring them against each other. Standards based report cards move beyond the traditional bell curve, to look at what students are actually mastering.

Report Card highlights

  • Grades clusters have similar report cards (k-2, 3-5 and 6-8)
  • Report cards separate academic achievement from work habits. That is, students receive marks to indicate how well they have mastered the curriculum concepts (academic achievement) as well as separate marks for their work habits in the classroom. By separating these items, parents receive a more realistic picture of not only how well their student has learned the material, but also how they work toward that goal.
  • Middle School report cards implement a letter-grade marking system in addition to the standards grades. This is designed to coordinate with the grading system they will experience in high school.

Report Card is One of Many Tools

As the report cards were developed, our district worked closely with Dr. Tom Guskey, a national educational consultant in the areas of grading and reporting, and he reminded us that while the report card is an extremely important and useful tool, it is only one tool in the parent-teacher communication system. That system includes formal parent-teacher conferences, parent information meetings, and opportunities for parents to take part in classroom activities. As a whole, Hawthorn educators and administrators follow an “open door” policy. Teachers have email and classroom telephones with voicemail capability. If parents have a question or concern about their student and his or her achievement, we encourage them not to wait until they receive a report card to share their thoughts with their child’s team.

While Hawthorn will do all we can to ensure that our reporting process is as helpful and effective as possible, we must keep in mind that ongoing communication among school staff, parents and students is crucial for our students and our schools to succeed. Thank you for your continued support to that end.

Mid Term Report Cards

In an effort to keep parents informed, Hawthorn distributes Midterm Reports at the halfway point of each Trimester. While these reports are less detailed than the Trimester Report Cards, they provide a snapshot of how students are progressing.

Note that Midterm Reports cover progress toward essential academic goals as well as on learner work habits. They do not include related arts or physical education, which will be shared on the Trimester Report Cards.

Illinois Interactive Report Card is the state’s official source for information about public schools across Illinois. The information here will help you act as an informed partner in the education of our children.

Families, researchers, policy makers, and community members can use the site to find school data, including academic performance, school environment, educators, students, and highlights provided by principals.