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Discover the delicious variety on our menus at Hawthorn District 73!

We take pride in offering a range of appetizing options that cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. From wholesome breakfast choices to satisfying lunches, our menu is thoughtfully curated to ensure every student enjoys a flavorful meal.

For detailed nutrition information, visit the LINQ Connect Portal, where you can find comprehensive details about our menu items, including ingredients and dietary facts.

Middle School A La Carte Menu

Item Price
Yogurt Parfait $2.50
Chocolate Hummus with Apples $3.00
Fresh Baked Cookie $0.75
Chips $1.50
Cereal $1.50
Rice Krispie Treat $1.25
Ice Cream Cup $1.00
Ice Cream Bar $1.50
Ice Cream Cone $2.00

These items are not included with meal. Check packaging for allergen information.

2023-24 Student Meal Prices

  • Breakfast- $1.40
  • Lunch-$3.25
  • Milk-$.50