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Innovative Methods

The D73 DRIVE Podcast offers a unique glimpse into our vibrant educational community. Through engaging conversations, insightful interviews, and updates on district initiatives, we connect with students, parents, educators, and staff. This podcast enriches our community's experience, fosters communication, and showcases the incredible talent and dedication within our schools. Tune in to stay informed, inspired, and involved in the ongoing journey of educational excellence at Hawthorn District 73.

"PD in :73" is Hawthorn District 73's innovative microlearning series designed to enrich professional development in just 73 seconds or less. Available on TikTok and YouTube, this series offers quick, impactful insights and strategies for educators, focusing on the latest in teaching techniques, technology integration, and educational trends. Perfect for busy teachers seeking inspiration and growth, "PD in :73" makes learning accessible, engaging, and directly applicable to the classroom. Dive in for a burst of professional enrichment on-the-go!

Teachers can visit the Apple Education Community, a specialized area crafted for teachers who employ Apple devices and software in education. Here, you'll find a wide array of support materials, tailored to meet every experience level, including concise guides and motivational insights. This platform encourages professional development through interaction with colleagues and industry experts, facilitating the exchange of stories, advice, and innovative strategies.