Elementary South Makes Connections

Hawthorn Elementary South School this year built a Lego bridge based on a Golden Gate bridge model to emphasize the school’s Leonard Bernsteintheme on “Making Connections.”

“We built a bridge to show the students how we are all connected and each student signed their name to the bridge,” said Principal Jill Martin. “A bridge is symbolic of a structure carrying a pathway over an obstacle.  The Elementary South staff is excited to spend this year teaching children to work together to overcome their obstacles,” Dr. Martin said.

Parent volunteers Vanessa Schenk, Debbie Dubin and Lauren Viets created the 300 block Lego bridge that is now on display at the school.

Lego Bridge ConnectionIn addition to students signing the bridge as a pledge to work together, the school kicked off the Bernstein theme on Making Connection with an assembly on showing respect to one another and being responsible citizens.

Assistant Principal Christy Hunter and Dr. Martin met with students to emphasize the importance of connections and how working together makes a school a stronger unit. In addition, the pair read the children’s book, SWIMMY by Leo Leonni, to send the message that in working together, obstacles can be overcome.

Hawthorn Elementary South incorporates the Bernstein model into all aspects of learning at the kindergarten through Grade 5 building where 673 students attend school. The Bernstein mission is to use the arts and the artistic process to reinforce teaching and learning across all academic subjects.