Teacher in class with kids

Get Your Children Off to a Good Start

Arriving to school 5 or 10 minutes tardy may not seem like a big deal but those minutes quickly add up.  Students who arrive late miss out on morning activities designed to build connections with their peers, potentially impacting their social interactions and important instruction.  Not only does the tardy student feel the effect so do the other children in the classroom. Their learning suffers because they have to wait to proceed with a lesson because the teacher needs to catch up the late child.  Being on time for school prepares a student for the world outside school.  Here are a few quick tips to prevent tardiness:

  • Have your child set out clothes for the next day
  • Pack backpacks at night and place them by the door
  • Make lunches the night before
  • Ensure that your student is receiving enough sleep
  • Set an alarm 10 to 15 minutes early allowing you enough time to get ready in the morning
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