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Physical Exams and Health Forms

Illinois law requires physical examinations for students entering kindergarten and sixth grade and for new enrollees from outside the State of Illinois. A copy of the health examination report, signed by a physician and dated within the past 12 months, must be on record with the District. All student health records (physical, immunization, dental or vision forms) should be emailed directly to

Record of immunizations against measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, and varicella must be present. All 6th grade students are required to have a completed hepatitis B series, and a Tdap booster. New for Fall 2015, all 6th graders must show proof of one meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV) given on or after the 11th birthday. If the health/immunization records are not in compliance with the Illinois School Code and the report is not received prior to October 15 of the school year, the student will be excluded from school until the report is in compliance.

The exam must be reported on the Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination form, available in the right hand column, which was updated November, 2015. Exams reported on IESA sports physical forms are not acceptable for this purpose. Parents: Please complete the top of page one and page two, and sign page two of the form. Please keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

Sports Physicals

Students interested in participating in interscholastic activities offered at our middle schools must have a current annual IESA sports physical on file with the school. Students will not be allowed to attend tryouts until an up-to-date physical is on file. A note stating that the exam was done is not sufficient. For your convenience, you may download the IESA Sports Physical form above.

Dental Exams

Illinois law requires all students in kindergarten, second grade and sixth grade present proof of a completed dental examination. Once your dentist completes the Illinois Proof of Dental Exam Form, available above, please return it to your school nurse. A list of low-cost and no-cost dental clinics is provided on the Local Clinics webpage.

Vision Exams

The State of Illinois requires mandatory vision examinations of all students entering school in kindergarten (or grade 1) or transferring from a school outside of Illinois. Please have your optometrist or ophthalmologist complete the State of Illinois Eye Examination Report, available above, and return it to your school nurse. Forms are also available from your school nurse. Forms must be turned on or before October 15.

Local Health Clinics

For a listing of locations to obtain physical exams, please visit the Local Clinics webpage.