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Ride 360 App Setup

Parents and students can access their bus stop location, route, and pick up time on the Traversa Ride 360 mobile app. One parent or guardian sets up the original account and has the ability to share with others. 

Traversa Ride 360 - Phone App - Parent Access

  1. Download Traversa Ride 360 App from your App Store
  2. Open Ride 360 App
  3. Select Allow while Using App
  4. Find your School District – Hawthorn District 73
  5. Click Register
    1. Create Email User Name
    2. Password
    3. Parent First Name
    4. Parent Last Name
    5. SUBMIT
  6. Check Email for Confirmation Link to Ride 360 Click complete registration

  7. Return to Traversa Ride 360 App Login

  8. Ride 360 would like to send notifications - Tap ALLOW

  9. No students linked / click the  icon in upper right 

    1. Enter Student ID (available in the PowerSchool parent portal)

    2. Last Name 

    3. Tap the School (for Hawthorn School of Young Learners enter just "School of Young Learners")

    4. Link student

    5. Share – to another email

    6. Bus Location to get the Bus number Pickup and dropoff times.

  10. To Share: Press the "share" button to share a student link with someone else. Enter the email of the person you would like to share with. That person will receive a confirmation email that will automatically link them to the shared student(s). Recipients must register with Ride 360, if they have not already done so, to access the student information. 

  11. Tap Bus Location to get Bus Number, Driver, Pickup & Dropoff Times

NOTE: You must stay logged into the App to Receive Push Notifications

Ride 360 Video Tutorial

Ride 360 (espaƱol)