Fourth Grader Receives Perfect Math Score

KimJoelTownline fourth grader J. Kim received a perfect math score over a course of five months after answer six challenging questions from the Continental Math League.

The 915 students in Hawthorn District 73’s fourth and fifth grade classes participated in the math league each month as a way to help them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The program runs November through March.

Students across the country take the timed monthly test. Joel was one of 22 perfect scores in fourth grade nationally. There were 303 schools across the country that participated in the contest.

Such questions that Joel, 10, answered included ones like “Dan has bags of candy with 2 pieces of candy in each bag. Bill has bags of candy with 5 pieces of candy in each bag. Bill has 6 more bags of candy than Dan has bags of candy. The total number of pieces of candy the two boys have is 100. How many bags of candy does Bill have?”

“The Continental Math League offers children an opportunity to stretch their reading comprehension and problem solving skills alongside other children across the country in their grade,” said Lisa Leali, district assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. “The problems offered are challenging and complex and often take some creative thinking to come up with a viable solution. This type of work requires exactly the type of critical thinking and higher order reasoning that is called for in the Common Core.”