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Preschoolers have been seeing first hand how workers in their community help them. Firefighters put out fires, electricians make repairs in bucket trucks high above their heads, and public works employees use large trucks with a scoop to get rid of snow on the streets.

On a particular day, a Mundelein Fire Department firefighter spoke with the children about leaving their home if they smell smoke and finding a safe place to wait. The firefighter explained that firefighters will return to the building to retrieve their toys, books, and cats and dogs.

Lincoln Early Learning Center invites police officers, garbage collectors, and construction workers to meet with the preschoolers.

“It is a way for children to build trust with members of our community and to understand what they do. It helps them understand how a police officer protects a child’s home and how a garbage truck drive keeps the community clean,” said Carol Bennett, principal of Lincoln.


The Lincoln Early Learning Center offers a coordinated learning opportunity to better meet the needs of approximately 180 preschool children and their families within the Hawthorn community. The program is housed at Lincoln School, 200 W. Maple Avenue, Mundelein, IL 60060. You may reach the main office at Lincoln by calling (847) 949.2720

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    Carol Bennett
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History of the Program

During the 1990-1991 school year, Hawthorn District 73 applied for and received a grant from the state of Illinois for a State Funded Preschool. Beginning in 2008, we added a program of Early Childhood Special Education, through which we provide Special Education services.


Children must be screened and determined eligible for the program. If you are interested in participating, please complete and return the Inquiry Form.

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For more information, please contact the Lincoln Early Learning Center.