Keys to 73

Hawthorn Education Foundation Seeks Volunteers to Help Plan Event

The Key to 73 Hawthorn Education Foundation is planning to host a major kick-off event on October 19. The District is seeking volunteers to help organize this event. If you would like to help, please contact Education Foundation Board member Lauryn Theisen at:
Below is background information about the Foundation.
Statement of Purpose
The purpose of Key to 73 Hawthorn Education Foundation is to solicit, manage and distribute supplemental funds for educational purposes in program areas that may not be funded by the District.  Funding is supplemental and does not replace or alter use of tax-based revenue.  Donations are received from individuals, corporations and other foundations to fund educational programs and projects that are in alignment with the school district’s strategic plan and to create an endowment fund.  Programs will be funded from donations as well as a percent of the endowment fund. For more information, visit the Foundations webpage at: