• Aspen Elelemtary School front door view
  • Hawthorn Elementary north from the front

Welcome to Hawthorn

Hawthorn District #73 is a progressive K-8 public school district serving approximately 4,200 students. We serve the communities of Vernon Hills, Mundelein, Libertyville, Indian Creek and unincorporated areas of Lake County, Illinois. Our eight schools are located along Aspen Drive, north and south of Route 60/Townline Road in Vernon Hills. The John Powers Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, operated by the Special Education District of Lake County, is also located on the Hawthorn campus and is considered an integral part of the Hawthorn learning community. Additionally, Hawthorn offers Pre-Kindergarten and Early Childhood services through Hawthorn Early Learning Center at Lincoln School in Mundelein.

Information about our schools and attendance area follows later in this webpage. Please check the list of links below for other specific topics.

Attendance Areas

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Hawthorn School District 73 schools are located near the intersection of Illinois Route 60 (Townline Road) and Aspen Drive in Vernon Hills, Illinois. All of our schools are within approximately 1/2 mile of each other.

The following list outlines general attendance areas. However it is always important to verify the attendance area for a specific address by visiting the Lake County Property Tax Assessment Information webpage. Key in the address in question and request sample tax bills, which list the various districts associated with the address.  A map of the district is available from the Lake County Assessor’s GIS Maps Online website. To pull up the district map, go to the Category Search area in the left sidebar. Click on “Elementary School Districts,” then select “Hawthorn Comm. Consolidated School District 73.” Additional information about the community is available on the Lake County “Places Close to Home” address mapping site.  Information is also available by contacting the Hawthorn District Office, 847.990.4200 or 841 West End Court, Vernon Hills, IL 60061.

In general, Hawthorn attendance area includes most Vernon Hills addresses (except for some southern addresses) as well as the following areas:

  • Eastern edge of Mundelein
  • Southern portion of Libertyville, approximately south of Golf Road
  • East to St. Mary’s Road (Mettawa)

All or portions of the following subdivisions and developments are in our attendance area:

  • Aspen Pointe
  • Cambridge West
  • Centennial Crossing
  • Concord Grove
  • Deerpath
  • Diamond Point
  • Green Tree/Cambridge
  • Gregg’s Landing
  • Grosse Pointe
  • Hawthorn Club
  • Indian Creek
  • Lakewood
  • Museum Gardens
  • New Century Town
  • The Park/Madison at Butterfield
  • Plymouth Farms
  • Red Top/Cambridge
  • Westwood

Eligibility for public school enrollment is based on the student’s home address. Note that some neighborhoods send students to more than one school district. In addition, high school district boundaries differ from elementary district boundaries. Keep in mind that state law requires that students attending a school district be bona fide residents of the district. Knowingly or willfully providing false information to a school district regarding residency in order to register a student who is not a resident is a fraudulent act and a Class C misdemeanor.


Q: I’m going on vacation in May and my child, who is in the fourth grade, will not be back to school until August. Will he/she be able to return to the school she currently attends?

A: When a student is out of school for 10 consecutive school days at Hawthorn, he/she is dropped from our enrollment. When he or she returns, the child will be re-enrolled under the new boundary configuration. The student would not be grandfathered into the school he or she was attending this year.

Q: At present, I have decided against grandfathering my children into their current school. If I opt out of Grandfathering, may I opt back into the grandfathered school?

A: No, once a family decides to opt out of the grandfathering clause they can’t opt back into their previous school.

Q: If I decide to take the option to grandfather my child into their current school and later decide I want to attend the new boundary school. Is this permissible?

A: Yes, as long as there is space available.

Q: Is transportation only provided for three years?

A: Yes, the transportation for grandfathered students is only offered for three years.

Q: I will have my incoming Kindergartener screened for the School of Dual Language. If he/she is accepted into the program and then we discover that he/she struggles what are my options to transfer him/her out of the program.

A: We support all of our families and students and strive to ensure that all students are successful in whatever program in which they are enrolled. However, should the child’s team decide that the School of Dual Language is not appropriate, the child would attend the school determined under the new boundary line guidelines.

Q: My child has a 504 plan and I believe changing schools would be too disruptive; can he/she stay at the current school?

A: Probably not. There must be evidence that there would be a significant impact on the child’s learning by moving to a new school. All 504 and IEP needs can be met at all of Hawthorn’s elementary schools, unless the child is in need of a program such as the Learning Opportunities Program (LOP) program, which is only available in certain buildings.

Q: My kindergartener has to move to the newly assigned boundary school, we know nothing about this building, will there be tours for parents and incoming students?

A: We will provide information through our website to support these transitions, including introductions to the principal and videos of all common areas of the school. Get Acquainted Days at the beginning of the school year will also help with this transition. Summer building activities and opportunities to see the buildings will be scheduled as well.

Q: My child (2nd grader) currently attends his/her “home” school. With the newly assigned school boundaries, we are assigned a new school, but I am also building a house in another school boundary (within the District). Will my child still be offered transportation at our new address to her grandfathered school?

A: Yes, your child is grandfathered and so will be offered transportation for three years.

Q: I have a second grader and an incoming Kindergartener; I will keep my second grader at the current choice school but will have my incoming kindergartener student attend the newly assigned neighborhood school. What if the following year I want them at the same school? Will my younger student continue to be grandfathered? That is, if I opt out this year can I come back in the following year or two and have them attend the former choice school?

A: No, if you opt out of your younger child attending the school that his/her older sibling currently attends, then you would have to move the older sibling to the school of the younger sibling if you wish to keep them together.

Q: I moved to a new boundary school (within the district) a few weeks ago. Will my child be able to come back to the school he/she is currently attending for fifth grade in the fall? I also have an incoming Kindergartener. Can he/she attend the current school or does he/she have to go to the new boundary school?

A: The school they currently attend grandfathers the students. If the family moves to a new home in the district, it would not impact the grandfathering. It is important to note that if you move out of district and withdraw your children they will be re-enrolled into Hawthorn according to the new boundary lines.

Q: I have a 7th grader attending a middle school that is not in our assigned boundary lines; I also have a 4th grader. Will my 4th grader still be able to attend the same middle school as my 7th grader?

A: Your older child must still be in the Middle School to have the younger child grandfathered into the same middle school. From the example given, your older child would be in 8th grade when the youngest is in 5th grade. Your oldest child will be in high school when your youngest enters 6th grade. Therefore your youngest child would be assigned to the middle school by the new boundary line guidelines.

Q: I have a 7th grader and a 5th grader. We have a newly assigned school boundary, I will keep my older student at the current school but would like for my 5th grader to attend the newly assigned boundary school. Will transportation be provided for both of my students?

A: Yes. Transportation is provided to grandfathered students for three years. It is important to note that some students are not provided transportation if they live within 1.5 miles of the school. Parents may opt to pay for transportation if they fall within this 1.5 mile distance.

Q: I am about to be remarried and will have stepchildren moving in with me. Will my future stepchildren be able to attend the same school as my grandfathered 2nd grader?

A: Yes. If your stepchildren move into your residence and you become a legal guardian, then your stepchildren will have the same rights as any other siblings of grandfathered students.

Q: Can I ask for a waiver to keep my child in their current school if they are not grandfathered so they may stay with their friends?

A: No. Waiver requests are not being granted in order to keep a student in the same school as their friends.

North & South Neighborhoods

Hawthorn is divided into North and South Neighborhoods. Our North Neighborhoods lie north of Route 60 (Townline Road) and west of Lake Charles. Our South Neighborhoods lie south of Route 60 (Townline Road) and east of Lake Charles.

Students in grades 6 through 8 attend Middle North if they live in the North Neighborhoods or Middle South if they live in the South Neighborhoods.