Food Services

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Hawthorn District 73 provides both breakfast and lunch through our food service provider, Arbor Food Service. Students are offered a variety of hot and cold entrees each day.

Purchasing Meal Service

There are two ways to purchase meal service:

  • Paying online using a credit/debit card at
  • Sending a check or cash (made out to “Hawthorn District 73”) to your school
  • The ePay fee payment system will no longer accept meal service payments. Meal payments made to this site will be refunded.

PAY (OR TRACK) ONLINE:  Hawthorn offers a web-based meal management program at We encourage families to use this system to monitor usage and account balances and to make payments. To use the system, families set up an online account using each student’s school ID number. There is no cost for families to set up a student account or to use the low balance email alert to keep track of when to add money to your student’s meal account. The system does charge a $1.95 card processing fee per payment transaction. (This does not generate fee income for Hawthorn – rather the fee covers the cost of credit/debit card processing.) Families can make payments into several student accounts under one transaction (and one fee) by inputting different student ID numbers during the process. The system takes deposits of from $1 to $100 in a single transaction. Even if families do not want to use the system to make payments, please set up your account to assist in tracking your student’s meal usage and balance. You are still welcome to send checks or cash (see below) to your school for the actual payment. If you need assistance locating your student ID number or using the system, please contact your school.

PAY BY CHECK:  Families may also purchase meal tickets by sending a check payable to Hawthorn District 73 or cash to your school. Please send the payment in an envelope indicating payment is for the student’s meal account and also marked with your student’s name, building, grade and teacher’s name.

Plant-based vegetarian entrees are now available at the middle schools.

Federal School Breakfast / Lunch Program

Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s meal account status through As a convenience and to support our students’ learning, students are allowed to charge meals so that they can eat even if their meal accounts are empty. When a student’s charges exceed $25 they will be provided with an alternate meal as determined by the school. Any outstanding balances at the end of the school year will be sent to collections, where an additional fee equal to half of the balance will be charged. If you have questions about payment plans or need assistance, please contact the Registrars Office at 847-990-4280 or 847-990-4217.

Please use the LunchApplication for free and reduced price meals for the USDA’s National School Lunch & School Breakfast programs. For any questions or assistance regarding free/reduced meal service, please contact Shari Niemesz at 847-990-4272.