School Report Cards


School districts throughout Illinois publish an annual “report card,” which provides information about the performance and demographics of our schools. The snapshot of data provided in this report card is based largely on how students scored in the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT), a series of standardized tests mandated by the State of Illinois and administered each Spring. This information is not related to your child’s individual report card, but rather offers more general information about the performance and demographics of our schools and other schools across the state.

The state standardized test is just one way to measure student achievement. While we take this data and the ISAT process very seriously, we have many more measures in place to provide us with powerful, actionable data. Throughout all of our schools, teachers and principals are using a variety of resources to help identify and track students’ strengths and weaknesses. Our emphasis on effective, immediate and on-going assessment through such tools as our internal Measures of Academic Process (MAP) and AIMSweb, combined with daily authentic assessments, offers us a realistic understanding of each student’s progress. Overall, this data shows that all of our schools and our students continue to move in the right direction — “Learning for All, Working Together, and Doing Whatever It Takes.” 

All of our teachers and support staff, administrative team and the Board of Education members are committed to the success of each and every student. It is vitally important for the entire community to participate with us in this process. On behalf of the Board of Education, thank you for your interest and for your support of our students and schools.

You may download Hawthorn report cards, as well as report cards for any school in the state, from the Interactive Illinois Report Card. Paper copies of the most recent Hawthorn report card may be requested by contacting the District Office, 847-990-4200. In general, report cards are released by the state on October 31 of each year.