Strategic Plan Initiatives 2014 – 2019

ECRA Dashboard for Hawthorn District 73


Communications Plan

PieSliceD73CommunicationsPlanNoWordsTransparentStrategy 1: Implement a Communications Plan to inform all stakeholders about events and issues impacting Hawthorn District 73. The plan should be specifically designed to utilize multiple communications tools that are clear, concise and timely.

Facilities & Resources

PieSliceD73FacilitiesandResourcesNoWordsTransparentStrategy 2: Implement a plan that identifies the facilities and resources required to provide an equitable distribution of those resources across the District.

District Leadership Team

PieSliceD73DistrictLeadershipTeamNoWordsTransparentStrategy 3: Implement a District Leadership Team (board, district, school administration, teachers, support staff, parents, and community representatives) to monitor and support the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Multilingual & World Language

PieSliceD73MultilingualNoWordsTransparentStrategy 4: Provide support for Multilingual opportunities and World Language appreciation through the implementation of kindergarten through Grade 8 programs.

Professional Development

PieSliceD73ProfessionalDevelopmentNoWordsTransparentStrategy 5: Focus Professional Development resources toward professional learning community and curriculum training/implementation.

Equitable Access

PieSliceD73EquitableAccessNoWordsTransparentStrategy 6: Identify and implement common commitments and set expectations to ensure Equitable Access to high quality programs for all students districtwide.

Early Intervention

PieSliceEarlyInterventionwoWordsTransparentStrategy 7: Identify and implement common commitments and set expectations to ensure equitable access to high quality programs for all students districtwide.

About the Strategic Plan

Hawthorn District 73 takes great pride in the quality of education that is provided to our students.  Parents, community members, students, and staff members have high expectations in helping to prepare our students for the world in which they live.

The key to our students’ success is through the collaborative efforts of our stakeholders. A strategic plan is a prime example of such collaboration. It is the product of hard work between board members, teachers, administrators, staff, and community leaders. This collaboration will not only help in envisioning the future of the District, but also in the development of a roadmap that will take us there.  By clearly articulating our values, vision, mission, focus areas, goals and objectives, we will be in the position to continue in the direction of educational excellence.

A committee of stakeholders representing parents, community, staff, administration, and the Board of Education developed Hawthorn District 73’s Strategic Plan. This committee met during the 2013-2014 school year and spent many hours to create this plan. Information provided by staff and parent focus groups, survey and achievement data was used in developing this new strategic plan.

New vision and mission statements were crafted to guide our efforts. Belief statements were also clarified to help guide the setting of new district goals and the strategies to meet these goals over the next five years.

We are grateful for all of the hard work and energy given by the committee members.   As part of our efforts for continuous improvement to improve and move forward, the strategic plan will be used to guide our direction in doing what is in the best interest of all our students.

These website pages will serve as a portal for communication on the progress of the District as we work to fulfill our strategic plan.

Please take the time to review the information posted here as the year progresses.  As always we welcome your comments and suggestions.  We can be contacted at:


Nick Brown