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Many Hawthorn Students Are Winners in Library Bookmark Contest

Cook Memorial Public Library announced the winners of its 2017 Design a Bookmark Contest. Congratulations to the 18 Hawthorn students who were among the winners:

First Grade
Miles S. Elementary North
Emilia S. Aspen Elementary

Second Grade
Eli K. Townline Elementary

Third Grade
Hope K. Aspen Elementary

Fourth Grade
Kyle K. Elementary South

Fifth Grade
Joy N. Elementary South
Ryan H. Townline Elementary
Genevieve S. Elementary South
Justin K. Townline Elementary
Kristin L. Elementary North

Sixth Grade
Edward Z. Middle School South
Cara L. Middle School North
Ian M. Middle School South

Seventh Grade
Jacklyn P. Middle School North
Jill L. Middle School South

Eighth Grade
Emma A. Middle School North
Sasha A. Middle School North
Sophia K. Middle School North

All Hawthorn Bookmark Contest entries will be on display at Aspen Drive Library during the month of December.