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Hawthorn Students Win Plenty of Prizes in Library Bookmark Contest

Each year the Cook Memorial Public Library District holds a contest that enables students to show just how creative they are. Participants create bookmarks that are inspired by their favorite books or characters. The contest is open to all schools in the library district. This year, about 800 bookmark designs were submitted from approximately 20 schools, including Hawthorn schools. Approximately 20 Hawthorn students won prizes. Here they are:

  • Kindergarten, Honorable Mention: Nadine B., Elementary North
  • First Grade, Second Place: Atharv C., Townline Elementary
  • First Grade, Honorable Mention: Abhay G., Elementary North
  • First Grade, Honorable Mention: Olivia M., Elementary North
  • Second Grade, First Place: Adiraj D., Townline Elementary
  • Second Grade, Second Place: Rhea D., Elementary North
  • Second Grade, Third Place: Daiwik N., Elementary South
  • Third Grade, Second Place: Manasvi P., Elementary South
  • Third Grade, Third Place: Parth V., Elementary South
  • Fourth Grade, Second Place: Nitya A., Elementary South
  • Fifth Grade, Second Place: Shreyan S., Elementary South
  • Fifth Grade, Honorable Mention: Reina H., Elementary South
  • Fifth Grade, Honorable Mention: Jessica X., Townline Elementary
  • Sixth Grade, Second Place: Joy N., Middle School South
  • Sixth Grade, Third Place: Kristin L.,Middle School North
  • Seventh Grade, First Place Tie: Mathew L., Middle School North
  • Seventh Grade, First Place Tie: Cara L., Middle School North
  • Seventh Grade, Third Place: Grace T., Middle School North
  • Eighth Grade, First Place: Jill L., Middle School South
  • Eighth Grade, Third Place: Jacklyn P., Middle School North

All the Hawthorn entries will be on display at Aspen Drive Library in December. They will also be available on the library’s website. Congratulations students!