Greetings from the Office of the Superintendent

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Embracing Diversity

I want to reach out to all of our families, each and every one of you, to let you know that here at Hawthorn 73 we are more committed than ever to maintaining a positive school community that will allow children to learn as much as possible in order to achieve their goals in a safe, caring environment.

The Hawthorn Strategic Plan outlines our District Values. One such value noted is:

We believe our diverse community enhances student learning. A core commitment to this value is to integrate our communitys diversity within educational opportunities.

At Hawthorn 73 we work daily to be a district where students are safe, prepared, respectful and perhaps most importantly, inclusive and accepting of each other. We embrace the vast diversity within our community as a benefit for our children. At Hawthorn, every student and family matters and we work to support you as we strive to help our children reach to new opportunities.

Unfortunately, there is a level of concern that has been expressed across the country and our community recently and I want to be sure all families know we do not tolerate bullying, intimidation or any other actions that perpetuate bigotry, stereotypes or racism. We are here to help students learn how to have productive conversations about worldwide events and to gain the skills necessary for them to become active contributors to a positive community, be it here at school or elsewhere in the country.

In this season of Thanksgiving that often involves special times with families and friends, I ask all of us to reflect on what we might be able to do daily in our lives to create a better community for all of us. It is our respect and care for each other that makes our community and Hawthorn 73 such a wonderful place for children.


Nick Brown


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