school board

Highlights of the April 23 Board of Education Meeting

Teachers Receive Tenure
Approximately 30 teachers were granted the status of tenure at the beginning of the meeting. Following a reception for teachers and their families, administrators and board members congratulated the teachers.

The New STAR Team at Elementary South
Dr. Jill Martin, Principal of Elementary South, gave a presentation on a new initiative at her school called the STAR Team. This is an opportunity for fourth and fifth grade students to take ownership and feel connected in their learning community. More than 100 students volunteered to take part in the STAR Team. Participants were divided into four groups:

  • The Tech Team provides tech support throughout the building.
  • The Beautification Team helps keep the school and its grounds beautiful.
  • The Rewards and School Spirit Team helps celebrate the accomplishments of students.
  • The Growth Mindset Team reminds students they can do anything they put their minds to.

Dr. Martin said that the STAR Team has been an awesome addition to Elementary South this year. It has given many students a chance to take leadership roles and to have fun while doing it.

Kindergarten Building Construction Bid Update
Tom McGrath and Chad Alexander of Lamp, Inc. discussed the collected bids for the construction of the kindergarten building at the Sullivan Center. They said that if the building were to be constructed based on the bids, the project would be over the projected budget.

Mr. McGrath asked for more time to go back and figure out why the bids came in so high. The Board agreed to his request. Lamp, Inc. will come to the May 14 Board meeting with a report.

April 17 Community Engagement Meeting
Board President Sonali Patil discussed the April 17 Community Engagement meeting. She said that community members provided a number of ideas and suggestions for moving forward. Some residents sent ideas via email and through Let’s Talk. Their suggestions included: not building a kindergarten building, constructing a new building in Mundelein, adaptive reuse, moving the eighth-grade class to the high school, reconfiguring the schools into grade level centers, and a smaller referendum. She said that all those who submitted ideas should have received a response. During the April 30 working meeting, the board will determine several viable plans, and prioritize them. The public will be able to weigh in on the various plans through a survey.

Summer Projects
A number of construction projects have been scheduled for the summer at various Hawthorn buildings. The estimated cost for these projects is $300,080. The Board approved the budget for these projects.