School Board

Highlights of the July 10 Board of Education Meeting

Superintendent Nick Brown provided an update on enrollment at the July 10 Board of Education meeting. He said that many families have been registering over the past couple weeks. Enrollment as of July 7 is at 4,181 students.  To accommodate the anticipated increase in the student population, the District is considering adding several teachers. A recommendation to hire teachers at Aspen, Elementary South and Elementary North, and a potential new bilingual teacher, will be made at the July 24 meeting. Mr. Brown also noted that he and the principals are closely watching class sizes and making plans for addressing any space shortages.

The Board provided feedback on letters that will be sent to Mundelein, Libertyville and Vernon Hills regarding the District’s space concerns. The letters inform the villages that with the current housing inventory, District classrooms are already overcapacity.  The letters encourage the villages to include the District in conversations with prospective developers at an early stage to see what can be done to help the District address its space concerns.

Board member Wes Polen provided an update on the kindergarten expansion at Sullivan Community Center. She said that the kindergarten center planning team has met three times thus far and has toured several sites to review building designs. The Board’s guidelines for the design of the kindergarten center include:

  • Space should be as flexible as possible for future needs.
  • Discussion needs to take place on whether to use traditional or prefabricated construction.
  • The building should be designed for possible future additions, including a second floor.
  • Classrooms should be designed for class sizes of 25 to one or less.
  • To compensate for the loss of wetlands, the District will pay for the expansion of wetlands in another area.
  • The design will include dedicated space for small group instruction.
  • The design will provide sufficient outdoor play space.

The Board discussed plans to move ahead with its efforts to gauge public perceptions about the District and its facilities planning. A public survey and its link were posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the website.  The survey will also be promoted through local newspapers. In addition to the survey, several “Bagels with the Board” meetings will be scheduled for the public to talk directly with Board members. A communication about the meetings will be sent to all households in the area.