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Highlights of the July 24 Board of Education Meeting

Watch the July 24 Board of Education Meeting

 Abe Singh, the District’s Director of Finance and Business Operations, provided a budget update for fiscal year 2016/2017, noting that the numbers are not finalized yet. He compared the District’s per pupil operating cost of $12,742 with other local school districts. District 73’s per pupil operating cost was lower than the costs of many nearby schools such as Grayslake (which is at $12,841 per pupil), Libertyville ($13,464) and Fremont ($12,975).

While discussing revenue, he stated that the Educational Fund fell short by $1,812,000. This was due to the state budget impasse. However, the District anticipates receiving these funds in the future. Additionally, he discussed the impact that a potential property tax freeze would have on the District. If the tax freeze is imposed for two years, the District would lose $2,913,936.  If it is imposed for four years, the District would lose $9,843,707. A public hearing on the 2017/2018 budget has been scheduled for August 14.

Mr. Singh also provided an update on summer maintenance projects. At Elementary North, staff repaired old concrete outside the building, removed old risers that were not ADA compliant and replaced four uni-ventilators. At Middle School North, maintenance staff installed an ADA-compliant ramp at the south exit door and are in the process of replacing AHU and boiler circulation pumps.

Superintendent Nick Brown provided an update on the construction of the kindergarten building at the Sullivan Center. While it had originally been thought that the facility could not be taller than one-story, Mr. Brown said that the building could potentially be two stories as long as the building is used solely as a kindergarten. A two-story building would allow for more design options and the potential preservation of wetlands near the building. Preliminary designs are scheduled to be presented in August 14.

The Board approved a new first-grade teaching position at Elementary South and a fifth-grade teaching position at Aspen Elementary.  The positions are needed to address the student population increase at the schools.

Mr. Brown also expressed appreciation for the teachers and staff who collected funds and supplies for families affected by the recent flood.