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Highlights of the June 24 Board of Education Meeting

Abe Singh, Director of Finance & Business Operations, provided a summary of the 2019-2020 tentative budget.  A public hearing on the proposed budget will take place on August 22. The budget will be adopted on September 12 and will be submitted to ISBE on September 30. The revenue is projected at $72,586,559 and expenses are $70,527,699. The $2 million surplus is due to the timing of the issuance of bonds as relating to when these projects are being expended. The operational deficit is $159,000. The tentative budget, which was approved by the board, is posted on the District’s website and is available for review at the District Office, 841 West End Court in Vernon Hills. 

Hawthorn PTO President Wendy Elman reported that the Hawthorn PTO raised $61,000 last year. In addition to the cash disbursement, the PTO provided more than $6,500 for programs and services, and $8,100 in free books and educational materials for libraries and classrooms. In all, the PTO contributed approximately $75,000 in cash and value to Hawthorn students. 

Mr. Singh announced that the district has hired Adam Palmer as the new Director of Human Resources. He said that 68 people applied for the position. After screenings, nine individuals were selected to be interviewed by teams of staff. Through the interviews and follow up reference checks, two finalists were selected. They returned for additional interviews. Mr. Palmer began his new position on July 1. 

The two interim superintendents, Dr. Friedman and Dr. Porto, offered their thanks for a great year, as this was their last District 73 board meeting. They said that the year was action-packed, they saw tremendous growth, and enjoyed the relationship building. They also said they felt proud that they were leaving the district in a stronger place than they had found it. Board President Robin Cleek thanked them on behalf of the Board of Education. 

Board member Wes Polen announced that Laura Gitzinger, a kindergarten teacher at the School of Dual Language, has been awarded teacher of the month by Dual Language Schools. The Board thanked Ms. Gitzinger for her dedication.