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Highlights of the March 12 Board of Education Meeting

Aspen Elementary’s SEL Program
Bill Fredricksen, Principal of Aspen Elementary, gave a presentation on the components of Aspen’s Social and Emotional Learning program. Regal the Eagle plays a key role in the program. Regal helps welcome students in the morning. He also helped the school celebrate Halloween, the 100th day of school and other activities. In particular, he helps celebrate classes that show safe, responsible and respectful behavior.  A classroom is selected each month to receive the Aspen Eagle Award.

Another component is the Second Step curriculum that provides teachers with readymade lessons that teach learning, empathy, emotional management and problem-solving skills.  At the end of each unit, each class nominates two students who have done a wonderful job of demonstrating targeted skills. Photos of these students are prominently displayed.

Aspen’s SEL program includes Aspen Caring Experts (ACE). These students help their peers solve problems, manage the hallways and act as peer mediators who are focused on showing respect, being good listeners and honoring one another.

Aspen’s SEL program also includes a component for teachers. Teachers have a bulletin board where they can recognize and provide kudos to each other.

Whole Child Award

Board President Sonali Patil recognized the staff at Middle School North for winning the Whole Child Award from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).  The association serves 115,000 members in 128 countries. “We are really proud of all the work our staff had done,” Ms. Patil said.

Kindergarten Building Update

Jason Meyering from the DLR Group and Tom McGrath from LAMP, Inc. provided an update on the kindergarten building at the Sullivan Center. They, along with Superintendent Nick Brown, met with the village’s planning and zoning committee on February 28 to see if there were initial concerns. They were asked questions about traffic patterns and the access road. Superintendent Brown also has an upcoming meeting with Victory Centre to inform the residents about the plans for the building.

Kindergarten Building Construction Bid Document

Mr. McGrath discussed the timeline for the bidding process for the construction of the kindergarten building at the Sullivan Center. He said the drawings are ready and will be viewable on March 15. A preview meeting for trade contractors has been scheduled for March 21. The proposed due date for the trade contractor bids is April 11. Scope review meetings with low bid contractors will be scheduled. Results will be presented to the Board on April 24. The criteria for selecting a bid is to go with the contractor with the lowest responsible bid.  However, if red flags come up with the lowest bidder, the option exists to hire a different contractor. The tentative start date of the project is June 4. During the Action Items portion of the meeting, the Board approved the bid document.

Community Engagement Meetings

The Board discussed six community engagement meetings that are scheduled for the Board to receive input from the community on how to resolve the District’s space issues. The meetings are scheduled for April 5, April 17, April 30, May 10, May 21, and May 30. Board members discussed what the format/goals of each meeting will be.

President’s Report

In her President’s Report, Ms. Patil congratulated Aspen Elementary fifth-grade student Aishi A. for winning the Sectional Spelling Bee on February 27. She also encouraged attendance at the reception for the Hawthorn District 73 art exhibition taking place at Aspen Drive Library. The reception will take place on March 15 at 6 p.m.