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Highlights of the Nov. 13 Board of Education Meeting

Public Comment
A resident asked the Board to send a delegate to the annual Illinois Association of School Boards delegate assembly on Nov. 23 and vote no on Resolution 1. This resolution would allow IASB to start to advocate for legislation in which individual school districts could move toward a concealed carry program for their employees.

Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Dr. Hannigan provided a recap of the District’s second early release day on Nov. 7. He was excited to see all the school leadership teams working on creating their mission, vision and commitment statements, with an emphasis on all means all. He recognized several staff members who brought in a generator for alternate power after an electric line was cut due to construction. These staff members are John Reid, Ken Sas, Wayne Keen and Mike Labbe.

Elementary South Principal Dr. Martin, Assistant Principal Christy Hunter and teacher Jaclyn Schwartz are traveling to Washington, D.C. for a ceremony in which they will be recognized as recipients of this year’s National Blue Ribbon award. On a local level, Elementary South will hold an all school assembly on Dec. 19 in which the National Blue Ribbon seal will be presented.

Friday is School Board Members Day in Illinois. Dr. Hannigan thanked the Board for all of their support and for everything Board members do every day on behalf of the school district.

President’s Report
Board President Robin Cleek thanked Middle School South for hosting its annual Veterans Day Breakfast. She received feedback from the community about the school’s outstanding music program and kind students.

Ms. Cleek asked the Board for their input on IASB’s resolution 1. The board unanimously agreed to oppose it, and go against ISBE’s recommendation to adopt it.

Districtwide Assessment Data and the School Improvement Process
Dr. Arturo Abrego, Director of Bilingual Education and Language Acquisition, Dr. Jennifer Haack, Principal of Townline Elementary, Mimi Batson, a kindergarten teacher at Townline Elementary, Nicole Gallo, a first-grade teacher at Townline Elementary, and Svetlana Popovic, Community Development Coach at Humanex, gave a presentation on state and local assessment results and the school improvement process. Over the last several months, the District has been working strategically to support educational leadership teams across the district in collective efforts to create a learning environment where all the District’s students will grow and succeed. Collaborative partnerships are being nurtured at the District and building levels that embrace the construct of collective responsibility. Each of the school leadership teams are creating school improvement plans focused on increasing student achievement and academic growth.

Bond Market Update
Elizabeth Hennessy, Managing Director of Raymond James, introduced the bond resolution that was under consideration by the Board. She said that through discussions at several meetings, the Board agreed to move forward with the one issue choice, that would combine phases two and three for a total of $19,700,000, and pay it off in 21 years instead of 24. She said the bonds could be sold as early as December 3 depending on marketing conditions. The bond issue will be closed no late than February 1.

Action Items
The Board approved the Middle School North design development plans. After a public hearing, the Board approved a resolution to levy 2019 property taxes. The Board also approved a resolution providing for the issue of not to exceed $19,700,000 General Obligation School Building Bonds for the purpose of financing certain capital projects approved by referendum. The board approved the contract to upgrade door access and camera systems. The board also approved a Net56 contract to address IT network security components.