Multi Media Brings Classrooms to Life

Hawthorn eighth graders have been reading a book about the Auschwitz concentration camp. Teacher John Reid uses his iPad to flash onto Google Earth to view the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. He hands off the iPad to a student who can then highlight key passages in a book they are reading. After a brief geographical tour, Mr. Reid switches to an Apple TV documentary that the teacher airs from a supply of PBS documentaries on his iPad. This is the way of fast paced classrooms in Hawthorn School District 73. Like movies today, teachers must capture students’ attention with a quick paced classroom lesson using many multi-media tools.

The District 73 Board of Education invested this year in three key technology resources for every classroom. These tools allow teachers to engage students in learning by using interactive math and writing applications, three dimensional tours on Internet sites like Google Earth and access to Smithsonian and PBS documentaries that bring their lessons to life. These tools are an iPad, Apple TV and a projector.

“These technology resources are timely and relevant for students,” said Lisa Leali, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. Dr. Leali sees so many educational uses for the iPads and Apple TVs. “Teachers can move around the room to ensure they capture students’ attention. They can use the devices to project students’ work onto a screen. To engage students in the back of the room, teachers can allow students to use the devices to answer math problems or correct grammar in sentences,” she said.

“These technology tools keep kids focused and alert. I switch back and forth with different apps instantly showing them where Auschwitz is on Google Earth. Then, we zoom into the book they are reading and then switch to a video clip of life in a concentration camp. This type of teaching allows me to reach many students who many have different learning styles from auditory or visual,” Mr. Reid said of his Middle School North students.

Added Townline teacher Kaitlyn Brennan, “The students are more engaged because they enjoy being on the iPads and visually seeing what they are learning. The students enjoy the creative ways that they can learn from having the Apple TV in their room.” She added that she believes it helps students retain information because they see concepts visually.