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Program Gets Math Minds Working Right Away

As you know, elementary teachers are implementing Bridges in Mathematics this school year, a comprehensive K–5 curriculum that was approved by the Board of Education in the spring. This resource focuses on developing students’ deep understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills, and ability to solve complex problems. 
How are things going? Here is feedback from one of our teachers: 
“One aspect of the Bridges program that our students love is Number Corner. It’s a fun way to start their day in our morning meeting and they are so engaged with each component. We say it gets our math minds working right away! They enjoy finding the pattern in the September calendar and thinking about what equation we can write for each day. The kids also have fun with the calendar collection component. In September, we are collecting minutes. Each day we are in school we collect 60 minutes and for September we’ve collected 1,200 minutes. It is fun to see their minds working as they try to figure out how to solve a problem or find a mathematical relationship.”
Ms. Susie Saliba
2nd Grade/Aspen Elementary
Neighboring districts that also implement Bridges in Mathematics include Kildeer #96, Lake Forest #67, Oak Grove #68, Mundelein #75, Bannockburn #106 and Lake Bluff #65.