Q & A for Before & After Care Program

The Hawthorn Board of Education approved the Vernon Hills Park District as its new before and after school child care provider for district children.

The following fees have been established for the park district before and after school care program, which will start in the fall of 2015. The program is offered to children in Grades Kindergarten through Six.

  • Mornings: $7.50 per day;  $37.50 per week.
  • Afternoons: $14.50 per day; $72.50 per week;
  • $20 per day for early dismissal days.
  • No School Days: $35 per day.

Following is a question and answer session about the park district before and after school child care program:

Q: What are the hours of the before and after school child care program?
A: The hours of the program are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Q: Where will the program be held?
A: The before and after school program will continue to be housed in Hawthorn Elementary School South and Hawthorn Elementary School North buildings.

Q: How will sixth graders get to the program?
A: The Park District will not be responsible for transporting sixth graders to the child care site. Parents will have to make arrangements for their children to get to the program.

Q: What does the Park District do to ensure children are safe?
A: We exceed the minimum requirements for staff to children ratios and all staff goes through district wide training.  Student data forms will identify who can and cannot pick up their child(ren) and all children must be signed out at the end of the day.

Q: Tell us about your staff.
A: Katrina Weyland is our degreed Recreation Supervisor and she will oversee the Hawthorn Afterschool Program as well as several day camps and other general interest programs.  She has 10 years of international, professional experience working in recreational settings with a very strong background in day camps.

Q: What types of snacks are provided?
A: Healthy snacks are provided before and after school.

Q: How is homework time handled?
A:  All children will be given time for homework. Based on volume, we would expect there to be stations and homework time would be one of those dedicated stations.

Q: What kind of activities will be provided to keep children engaged?
A: Normal activities during a typical week will include a combination of the following:

  • Sports & games
  • Arts & crafts
  • Homework time
  • Snack time
  • Quiet time (morning)
  • Reading materials will be available
  • Activity sheets (Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, etc.)
  • Board games/card games

Q: Will there be special demonstrations or presenters?
A: Occasionally independent contractors will provide new opportunities for children.  This would include classes like karate, chess, science exploration, specialty art, and group exercise activities.  These are independent contractors who are vetted with background checks and provide the park district with a certificate of insurance

Q: What about quiet time for children who need to unwind?
A: Our intention is to have dedicated quiet space.

Q: When school is not in session where will the program be held?
A: The program will be held in the schools even when school is not in session.

Q: On early dismissal days or on days off school, will there be field trips or anything different for the children?
A: Our plan would be to diversify children’s experiences on longer days such as early dismissal.  This could include trips to the indoor swimming pool at the Lakeview Fitness Center, the movie theater and other local attractions.

Q: If I don’t regularly use the before and after school program, can I enroll my child(ren) in the program on early dismissal days and on days when school is not in session?
A: Children not enrolled in the program are eligible to participate as long as space allows.

Q: If I have further questions about the park district before and after school program, whom should I contact?
A: Please reach out to Katrina Weyland, Recreation Supervisor, at 847-996-6805 or katrinaw@vhparkdistrict.org.