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Remote Learning Planning Day Builds Teachers’ Skills

Friday was Hawthorn’s second Remote Learning Planning Day. The sessions were planned and coordinated by Dr. Maturo, Coordinator of Staff Development, and Ms. Boardman, Instructional Technology Coach. Teachers collaborated and learned together in virtual fashion to bring their remote learning skills to a new level of expertise. In-house experts shared their technical and remote learning knowledge, such as:

  • Ms. Lobb and Ms. Wagner shared best practices for using Canvas for remote learning.
  • Mr. Smart and Ms. Peterson talked about Google Forms and structured online routines.
  • Ms. Hughes and Ms. Sabin walked teachers through various aspects of Seesaw.
  • Ms. Schorsch, Ms. Worden and Ms. Apgar shared their insights about the Google Suite of apps.
  • Ms. Karolczak and Ms. Clausen provided tips on Google Classroom.
  • Ms. Delaney and Ms. Romanoff provided tips and tricks on a wide variety of online options.

Teachers joined their Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) in the afternoon. It was a productive day of learning for teachers for the benefit of their students.