Rotary Club Hands Out Dictionaries

Every year Mundelein/Vernon Hills Rotary Club President Sybil Schecter-Kelly asks the same question, “Do any of you know what a dictionary is?” Hands shoot up into the air.

Every year the Rotary Club hands out about 1,200 dictionaries to Mundelein and Vernon Hills third graders. “It’s good for the brain,” President Schecter-Kelly said.

Aspen Elementary School teacher Jenny Niedbalski said she appreciates the Rotary Club’s dictionary donation. “It provides students with a resource at their fingertips. It helps them find words in alphabetical order. It exposes them to new words and builds vocabulary. It is a way for students to double check the spelling of words,” she said.

The dictionaries also provide students with fun facts about everything from presidents to the solar system. “Hey I found President Barack Obama in here,” said Nicole Tomaszewski, 8, as she thumbed through her dictionary.