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Hawthorn Board Highlights - March 17, 2022 Meeting

Thank you to staff members from Hawthorn Education Association who attended the Hawthorn School Board meeting on March 17, 2022, to support their colleagues and the Board. The board recognized several students, heard a presentation on the English Language Arts/Spanish Language Arts (ELA/SLA) pilot process and subsequent recommendation, and approved many actions, including the 2022-23 staffing plan.

During Recognition, the board recognized the Hawthorn Poms team for their first-place finish at the IRCA state competition in December and the Hawthorn South Cheer team for their eighth-place finish at the IESA state competition in January. Additionally, the board was honored to recognize Mrs. Lauren Watts, a third-grade teacher at the School of Dual Language. Mrs. Watts was nominated for recognition by her co-workers for her dedication to staff, students and Hawthorn.

ELA/SLA Foundational Resource Recommendation

The Board heard a presentation from Ms. Allison Stein, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, and staff members participating in the ELA/SLA foundational resource pilot process. This pilot and the subsequent proposal is a direct result of the following board projects:

We will engage in a pilot analysis of Tier 1 elementary and middle school English language arts / Spanish language arts materials within a curriculum review cycle. The purpose of our pilot is to select a foundational resource for district-wide implementation in 2022-2023. 

We will focus on equity and inclusion in an effort to ensure all students feel safe and represented at school. This includes attention to student access and opportunity with regard to positive student outcomes.

Ms. Stein and the team shared data on student learning, provided a framework for choosing a foundational resource for ELA/SLA was necessary, and explained what criteria were used to select the resources to pilot. Teachers piloted two different resources at the elementary level and two more at the middle school level. 

The pilot team recommended moving forward with Into Reading/¡Arriba la Lectura at the elementary level! At the middle school level, they recommended myPerspectives. If approved, these foundational resources will be implemented across the district beginning next school year (2022-23).

Board Communication Opportunities

Robin Cleek, Board President, facilitated a discussion about communication opportunities for the board moving forward, which included web-based communication, educational opportunities during the board meeting, and informational events to share what progress has been made regarding the 2018 referendum. President Cleek asked for a volunteer to work with Dr. Pete Hannigan, Superintendent, and Mr. Michael McFarlin, Coordinator of District Communications, to establish a board communication plan based on these recommendations.

Superintendent Report

During his Superintendent Report, Dr. Pete Hannigan provided an update on COVID-19 cases across the District.  

Action Items

The board approved several plans and proposals, including the 2022-23 Board of Education Meeting Calendar, policy issues updated in PRESS Issue 108, the 2022-23 staffing plan, the ARP-ESSER III Fund Plan, a contract for the Townline/Dual Language parking lot, student and summer school fees, and the disposal of surplus technology equipment.

2022-23 Staffing Plan

The board approved the following additions for the 2022-23 school year.  After a thorough needs assessment, these staffing additions were recommended to the board to prepare for the FY23 budget cycle and grant funding. 

  • Licensed Staff Additions
    • 5 Instructional Coaches

    • Dual Language Specialist

    • 2 Behavioral Specialists (one for each campus)

    • Social Worker - (Split between Dual Language & Aspen Elementary)

    • Certified School Nurse

    • 2 Library Media Specialists (one at MSS, one at MSN)

  • Classified Staffing Additions

    • 5 Elementary Library Assistants 

These additions will support the District’s drive to place highly qualified staff in the best positions to ensure student success.

Upcoming Meeting

The next Hawthorn District 73 Board of Education meeting will be on April 14, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.