Special Services

Special Services Department at Hawthorn School District 73.


Welcome to the Department of Special Services where we serve students with identified needs, as well as their families.  Our department evaluates, identifies eligibility and provides services and plans for students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade with unique needs.

Hawthorn School District believes that all students can learn, given appropriate supports and services.  Each child deserves the educational environment in which he or she can be most successful.  We are committed to providing a flexible, full continuum of services for our students with support, modifications and accommodations that best meet the student’s needs.

Special Services Team

  • Renee Ullberg – Director of Special Services
  • PHONE: 847.990.4273

  • Alma Tamayo Coordinator of Special Services for South Campus Schools
  • PHONE: 847.990.4127

  • Dr. Carie Cohen – Coordinator of Special Services for North Campus Schools
  • PHONE: 847.990.4352
  • Shari Niemesz – Department Administrative Assistant
  • PHONE: 847.990.4272