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Below are links to updates and resources from District 73 and other sources. We will update this page regularly, as new information becomes available.

District 73 Updates

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Health Department Offers Tips to Reduce Risk of Infection Caused by Viruses

The Lake County Health Department is working with federal, state and local agencies to monitor the new coronavirus. Currently, the health department believes the immediate risk to the public remains low. It is offering tips to reduce the risk of an infection caused by any virus.

Sick Child

Sick Day Guidelines

To help prevent the spread of illness, the Lake County Health Department provides guidelines to help with your decision on whether or not to send your child to school. Sometimes it can be challenging to make the right choice.

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Avoid the Last Minute Rush

Please turn in the paperwork for physicals and immunizations as soon as possible. Schools require that children be up to date on their immunizations. August 22 is the first day of Hawthorn District 73’s 2018-2019 school year. Please help us reach our goal of 100 percent compliance by that date. Schedule an appointment for your child’s immunizations and physicals early to avoid the last minute rush. Turn in the paperwork as soon as possible.

  • Contact your pediatrician regarding required immunizations.
  • The Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination is required for all kindergarten and sixth grade students.
  • If your child plans to participate in a sport at the middle school level, they are required to have a physical on record prior to the try out date.
  • For more information on health requirements, please visit the District’s health page at:
Don't Miss the Deadline

School Exclusion Deadline is October 16

For parents of kindergarten and sixth-grade students as well as students who are new to Hawthorn: If you haven’t turned in your child’s physical and/or immunizations records, your child will be excluded from school beginning Monday, October 16. Once evidence of having the required immunizations can be provided, children will be allowed to return to school.

Physical Exam

It is never too soon to think about scheduling your school physical. Do not wait until the rush right before the start of the new school year. The Health Department’s community health centers, with locations in Waukegan, Highland Park, Zion, Round Lake Beach, and North Chicago, have set aside time specifically for children to come in for school physicals. Please call (847) 377-8800 to schedule an appointment or click here to find a health center near you:

Staff Takes on Fitness Challenge

More than 120 employees of Hawthorn School District 73 have taken steps to return to school fit for life through a Summer Wellness Challenge sponsored by the district’s Hawthorn Employee Health and Wellness Committee.

The wellness challenge encouraged the district’s 600 employees to track the number of steps they take on a daily basis over a 10.5-week period. Participants collectively reached 51 million steps.

The goal of the program was for the group to complete the challenge. Gift cards have been issued along with suggestions to encourage people to continue walking or running. This was the first year of the Summer Wellness Challenge. The committee liked this particular challenge because it encouraged employees to work together collectively to achieve a single goal. The Health and Wellness Committee is developing other programs to encourage healthy living among its employees.


“Evidence shows that employers who offer health and wellness programs help to reduce overall health care costs and it results in a more fit and healthy workforce. In addition, such programs reduce the costs of hiring teacher substitutes that are associated with teachers using sick days. We also believe it improves morale and reduces stress,” said district Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Lisa Leali, who heads up the health and wellness committee with Brad Goldstein, Associate Superintendent of Finance & Business Operations.

“This summer program has been wildly successful, far surpassing our initial expectations for participation,” Dr. Leali said.

Employees’ Success Stories

      • Reading Specialist Beth Newman has logged over 310,000 steps through the challenge. The group incentive has encouraged her to exercise regularly, something she did inconsistently before summer. “I joined because I wanted to become more healthy. It has also made me more aware of the foods I eat and how many calories I take in each day,” she said.
      • Townline Principal Victoria Kieffer has found the fitness challenge a great motivational tool to kick start her commitment to exercise and weight loss. She logs upwards of 13,000 steps a day walking and running on average five times a week. It has also helped Dr. Kieffer follow through on a weight loss program in which she has lost 25 pounds.
      • Seventh grade math teacher Karen Lemon has walked nearly 900,000 steps since she began the fitness challenge. She has incorporated cardio fitness into walks, bicycling, yoga and pilates. “The program provided me with an extra incentive when I was feeling especially tired or busy,” she said.




Backpack Note: August 29, 2013

This backpack note will be distributed to families on August 30. It provides a brief calendar as well as information about school fees, health form deadlines, 8th grade placement tests and more.