Interactive Boundary Map

For your convenience we now have an interactive and searchable boundary map available.

Limited MAP testing sessions – Troubleshooting

During the week of November 18, a very limited number of Hawthorn students will be taking the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) online assessment.  Read on for more information…

We are using this limited testing time as an opportunity to trouble-shoot the new MAP system in order to be best prepared for the winter MAP testing season, which is expected to take place in December and which will cover all 5th and 8th grade students.

Representatives from NWEA, the organization that provides MAP, will be on hand during the limited test run. In fact, during the limited test run, staff tech facilitators and others will probably be in and out of the testing room as they monitor and trouble shoot the testing experience.

Parents of students who will be involved in the limited MAP test run have been notified of their students’ involvement. If you do have questions about this limited test run, please contact your school.