Safety Alert (Soft Lockdown)

Soft lockdown in effect

4/5/18, 9am: Due to police activity in the area, Hawthorn Schools are currently on soft lock down.  Students will not be allowed to exit the buildings until the soft lock down is lifted.  While there is no immediate threat, there is no entry to buildings and offices at this time.

Debido a la actividad de policía en el área, las escuelas Hawthorn se encuentran actualmente en un cierre suave. Los estudiantes no podrán salir de los edificios hasta que se levante el bloqueo suave. Si bien no existe una amenaza inmediata, no hay entrada a edificios y oficinas en este momento.

Hawthorn enhances security

Hawthorn schools have enhanced their security this year by instituting several measures.

Forefront is a new security system this year whereby front office staff will scan a visitor’s driver’s license through a criminal database, said Brad Goldstein, associate superintendent of finance & business operations. Once cleared, visitors will receive a label with their name printed on it, he said. Another security measure in the District 73 schools is that front office staff will buzz visitors into the school offices and then visitors are subsequently directed to the location in the building where they are headed. Cameras are strategically placed throughout the schools and parking lots as another monitoring measure, Mr. Goldstein said. In addition, every classroom is being stocked with a crisis kit in the event of an emergency that supplies teachers with needed materials should there be a school lockdown or other such emergency.

Security guard by a fence

Security Alert

Hawthorn was alerted to a reported security incident that happened on the afternoon of Friday, August 23. More information is outlined in the backpack note dated August 26, 2013. While there is no known, imminent security threat, this is an important opportunity for all of us to review simple safety suggestions, which are outlined on that note.