Hawthorn Enrichment Institute

Save the Dates for the 2018 Hawthorn Enrichment Institute

The Hawthorn Enrichment Institute summer program is open to all kindergarten through eighth-grade Hawthorn District 73 students. It will take place from July 9 – August 10, 2018.  Registration begins February 1, 2018.

American Education Week

Hawthorn Observes American Education Week

Several Hawthorn schools, including Aspen Elementary, invited parents to visit the classrooms of their children in observance of American Education Week, Nov. 13 to 17. The students were excited to work on projects alongside their parents.

Do you know the history behind American Education Week? Representatives of the National Education Association and the American Legion met in 1919 to seek ways to generate public support for education after the recognition that so many WWI draftees were illiterate. They adopted resolutions for a national effort to raise public awareness of the importance of education. The first observance of American Education Week was in 1921.

cook memorial logo

Many Hawthorn Students Are Winners in Library Bookmark Contest

Cook Memorial Public Library announced the winners of its 2017 Design a Bookmark Contest. Congratulations to the 18 Hawthorn students who were among the winners:

First Grade
Miles S. Elementary North
Emilia S. Aspen Elementary

Second Grade
Eli K. Townline Elementary

Third Grade
Hope K. Aspen Elementary

Fourth Grade
Kyle K. Elementary South

Fifth Grade
Joy N. Elementary South
Ryan H. Townline Elementary
Genevieve S. Elementary South
Justin K. Townline Elementary
Kristin L. Elementary North

Sixth Grade
Edward Z. Middle School South
Cara L. Middle School North
Ian M. Middle School South

Seventh Grade
Jacklyn P. Middle School North
Jill L. Middle School South

Eighth Grade
Emma A. Middle School North
Sasha A. Middle School North
Sophia K. Middle School North

All Hawthorn Bookmark Contest entries will be on display at Aspen Drive Library during the month of December.

School Board

The Next Regular Session of the Board of Education is November 13

A Regular Session of the Board of Education will take place on Monday, November 13, at 7 p.m. at the District Office, 841 West End Court in Vernon Hills.

Red Ribbon Week

Hawthorn Observes Red Ribbon Week

This week, events are taking place in the elementary schools in observance of Red Ribbon Week. This is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October. Each day is a different theme. For instance, Elementary North students wore red on Monday to signify their stance against drugs and alcohol.  Today, they’re dressed to reflect their future careers in keeping with the theme, “Your future is key, so stay drug free!”


Snowflake Encourages Students to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

This year’s Snowflake event at Middle School South was a great success thanks to the help of 55 adult facilitators, 40 Vernon Hills and Libertyville high school students, 400 parents, and many volunteers. More than 370 seventh and eighth grade students from Middle School South, Middle School North and Oak Grove School attended this annual event, which encourages adolescents to make good choices and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The event was broken up into large group sessions, in which the students watched performances and presentations, and small group sessions, in which they engaged in activities led by high school students and adults. This year, Bizar Entertainment provided a musical production that conveyed positive and inspirational messages. During another large group session, motivational speaker Brad Hutig spoke about the challenges he faced when he lost both of his hands in a work-related accident. He had been a three-sport athlete and was eventually able to return to the football team. He told students that they could do things if they really wanted to do them, and encouraged them to find their way.

Toward the end of the evening, the parents attended a presentation from defense attorney Elliot Pinsel, while the students joined a dance. Mr. Pinsel reminded parents that they are accountable for underage drinking in their homes, he encouraged them to talk with their children and know what they are doing in order to prevent law suits and other negative consequences.

At about 10 p.m., students and parents were all smiles as they celebrated the close of another positive Snowflake experience.

Plenty of Team Spirt at “Hustle” Despite Cancellation

Despite the last minute cancellation of the PTO’s 2017 Hawthorn Hustle due to bad weather, there was still plenty of team spirt and goodwill in Century Park on Saturday morning. All those who came enjoyed music, refreshments and a raffle. Among the crowd was Elementary South’s SOAR team. Many thanks to the Hawthorn PTO volunteers for all the work they put into this event, which raised funds for Hawthorn’s schools.



Don't Miss the Deadline

School Exclusion Deadline is October 16

For parents of kindergarten and sixth-grade students as well as students who are new to Hawthorn: If you haven’t turned in your child’s physical and/or immunizations records, your child will be excluded from school beginning Monday, October 16. Once evidence of having the required immunizations can be provided, children will be allowed to return to school.

Second Step Program

School of Dual Language Kicks Off Second Step Program

Brittany Ebarle, a fourth grade teacher at the School of Dual Language, rewrote the lyrics to the hit song “Despacito” into a song about empathy and respect. She sang the song with students at an October 5 assembly to kick off the Social Emotional Learning Second Step program at the School of Dual Language. The goal of the Second Step program is to build a strong foundation for a new generation of socially and emotionally savvy children.
The Second Step Taskforce that organizes the monthly assemblies is facilitated by social worker Erika Diaz. The classroom teachers implement the program lessons to their students. Ms. Diaz said the teachers will be taking photos of students showing empathy and respect. The photos will be featured in monthly videos that celebrate students who are kind, caring and responsible.
STEAM project

STEAM Project Involves Aliens and Airplanes

Aliens and airplanes played major roles in a STEAM project implemented in Ms. Howell’s sixth grade IMS class at Middle School South. Students worked together in teams to build paper airplanes that could fly 20 feet while carrying two (paper) aliens. They needed to stay within a specific budget (10 credits) to purchase materials to build their airplanes. The students had great fun testing the distance their airplanes could fly.