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If you received an iPad from Hawthorn District 73 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic you may be having some issues with Zoom and a few other apps. During the Summer, we moved to a new system to manage district devices. While most devices moved to the new system smoothly, a few have not. In order to get those devices current for you, they need to be reset. This will completely erase the device and begin the process of enrolling them into our current management system (Jamf). In order to do this without needing you to bring the device to us in-person, please follow the steps below:

Gather the following information and fill out this form.

1.) The name of your student

2.) The Asset Tag number of the device (found on the barcode sticker on the back of the iPad)

3.) The iPad serial number (this can be found by opening Settings > General > About)

Once we have that information we will begin the process of resetting the iPad. Please make sure the device is powered on, connected to your home WiFi, and has at least 30% battery life or is plugged in. Once the process starts it will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Once the iPad is reset you can enroll it as outlined in the Enrollment instructions found here.

A current iPad screen should look like the image below with the student’s name in the middle of the screen followed by the Asset Tag number and the version of the operating system. If your screen does not look like this, it is likely still in the old management system. Please refer to the these instructions to have your device updated.

Current iPad Home Screen

IMG 0212

You can download apps and updates without having to enter any user accounts by clicking the Jamf student app. Once open you will see 4 panes, My Resources, App Updates, Student 1to1 iOS and Student Elementary.

Jamf student portalMy Resources contains all apps, any documents and or profiles available to you

App Updates will contain any updates to apps you have installed

Student 1to1 will have resources for all devices in the 1to1 category

Student Elementary iOS will have specific resources for elementary students

Some devices may have the time set to Pacific time, that is the default if location services are not enabled.

The iPads set their time automatically based on location, in order to turn on location services please see this KB article form Apple.


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