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Hawthorn District 73

Learning For All. Every One. Every Day.

It is the mission of Hawthorn Community Consolidated School District 73 to ensure learning for all. We are committed to excellence, striving for 90% proficiency in reading and math across all PreK-8th grade students. Join us on our journey to be in the top 10% for both growth and proficiency, closing the achievement gap for ALL students. Together, we nurture the whole child, ensuring they're healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

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Hawthorn District 73's Band and Orchestra Programs

Experience the magic of our remarkable Band and Orchestra programs at Hawthorn District 73! With a passion for music and a dedication to excellence, our talented students create harmonious melodies that resonate throughout our community.

Student Enrichment

Enriching student experiences is a top priority at Hawthorn District 73! We offer a vibrant array of clubs and extracurricular activities that cater to diverse interests and passions. From arts and sports to STEM and beyond, our students have countless opportunities to explore, learn, and grow outside the classroom. Join us in fostering well-rounded individuals who thrive in all aspects of life.

Join the Hawthorn District 73 Team

Ready to make a difference in education? Join the Hawthorn District 73 family! We're looking for passionate individuals who share our commitment to excellence. Explore our open positions and be part of a team that empowers students to thrive. Your journey starts here.

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Purposeful Systems and Structures

We believe an exemplary district develops and engages learners and learning leaders through purposeful systems and structures. As the District 73 community, we will develop leadership skills, nurture innovation, and promote a solution-oriented approach; commit to continuous improvement with knowledge, purpose, and efficiency; align resources to support learners and learning leaders to accomplish goals; seek out best practices to drive meaningful, student-centered learning opportunities focus on continued professional growth and recruit and retail exceptional personnel.

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Century of Excellence: Hawthorn District 73's Enduring Legacy

Dive into the rich history of Hawthorn District 73, a legacy that spans over a century! Established more than 100 years ago, our district has been a cornerstone of education, nurturing generations of learners. Explore our journey through time and witness the enduring commitment to excellence that defines us.

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News & Events

Check out the latest news and events happening around Hawthorn District 73.